400N Lake Shore Drive


400N Lake Shore Drive

project completion

Competition 2016


2,889,628 sf



Architecture | STLArchitects
Engineering | ARUP
Exterior Wall | ENAR


Urban Lobby The Urban Lobby is an exclusive and luxurious public vestibule. This large scale vestibule shelters three entrances under one single canopy: two for the condominiums, and one for the apartments. All three entrances offer the convenience of self-park/curb, pick-up/drop-off, or valet parking for residents and guests alike. The condominium entrances are located on the east side of the Urban Lobby, and have been designed to project a sense of privacy and exclusiveness that sets them apart. Located on the west side of the Urban Lobby, the apartment entrance has been designed to provide an experience that will rival a luxury hotel in which residents are permanent guests. Inside each lobby, comfortable furniture will provide residents an environment for a quick chat, pick up mail, or to step outside the apartment lobby and admire the magnificent views of Chicago under the cover of the Urban Lobby.

Building Amenities All outdoor amenities have been located on the roof top of the plinth. In order to provide physical and visual separation, we have created a terraced roof top; in doing so all user groups are offered secluded experiences while enjoying their outdoor amenities.

Certain amenities, such as party rooms, children’s playroom, gaming room and lounge room, have been placed adjacent to the outdoors amenities of each user group, but inside each tower, facilitating a natural flow between exterior and interior uses.

Lastly, the remainder of the indoor amenities for each user group (indoor pool, spa, gym, juice bar, wine bar, etc.) have been situated on higher levels within each section of the tower. These amenities are located on the 28th floor for apartment residents, on the 48th and 79th floors for Tower 1 condo owners and on the 39th floor for Tower 2 condo owners

partners in charge

Luis Collado

Jose Luis de la Fuente

technical director

Tracy Salvia

project manager

Beatriz Gonzalez

lead designer

Jose Luis Perez-Griffo


Marta Bueno

Ignacio Espigares

Andrea Kamilaris

Brian Koehler

Andrew Paul

Logan Springer