World War One Memorial



Washington, DC

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Landscape Memorial


International Competition Finalist

An American Family Portrait Wall in the Park

Our proposal for the new WW1 Memorial in Pershing Park pays tribute to the American men and women who participated in the war by remembering that each of them were members of a great family: the American Family. These are the stories of our brothers and sisters, our aunts and uncles, our mothers and fathers.

We honor them in the Family Portrait Wall of America, and through these photographs we acknowledge their commitment and sacrifice as we celebrate the bonds that were forever created, the friendships that were sealed, the covenant of brotherhood that resonates even today.

We propose a Park that is organized by a northwest-southeast axis which visually connects Pershing Park with the Capitol and which also traces the most often walked footsteps by Washington DC visitors. Inside the Park, large format photographs are placed within framed cases that are grouped around 4 proposed themes, each evoking essential aspects of our American identity: Family, Friendship, Diversity and National Pride.

By seamlessly blending framed memories into the landscape, our proposal provides an experience that is both park and memorial open and visible to the public. Cueing the visitor, six large scale bronze statues are strategically placed around the park, observing the framed images, and inviting the passerby to enter the park to experience the memorial

project manager

Janelle Moody


Marta Bueno

Luis Collado

Jose Luis de la Fuente

Ignacio Espigares

Andrea Kamilaris

Brian Koehler

Janelle Moody

Shoko Nakamura

Janice Ninan

Andrew Paul

Jose Luis Perez-Griffo

Tracy Salvia

Logan Springer