CADE Chicago



Chicago, IL

project completion





We propose a new kind of learning campus in the heart of Chicago, a one mile long accessible ‘Public Street’ that travels vertically throughout the entire building. The CADE will become The Vertical Learning Mile of Chicago, connecting at ground level with the world renowned Magnificent Mile and the Chicago Cultural Mile. Chicago’s third Mile will provide an inspirational environment for Chicago visitors, design professionals and students. The core of our proposal for CADE consists of an accessible mile long public space which like a street, will function as both pedestrian circulation and as a hub for community engagement. We envision a learning mile that is transparent, inviting and attractive to the visitor, flexible to accommodate both current and evolving pedagogies. It is a space that will create and inspire both current and future student generations. The entire vertical mile has been programmed purposely, resulting in a dedicated circulation space of 20% of the overall program. The vertical mile encourages the visitor to engage with others, from casual tourists, to professionals and students. The mile invites them all to learn about the city, it welcomes collaboration; it generates creativity and inspires current and future generations.


Luis Collado

Jose Luis de la Fuente

Ignacio Espigares

Shoko Nakamura

Janice Ninan

Jose Luis Perez-Griffo