Carlow Visual Arts Centre

Carlow County


Carlow County, Ireland


40,000 SF



Carlow Visual Centre

The building takes on the challenge of its setting by proclaiming its presence while consciously addressing the adjacent buildings through considerations of scale, proportion and materiality. Together with the nearby church and school, the visual arts museum completes a triad of monuments that will define a new spatial reality.

The building addresses its setting resolutely but not forcefully. To this end, and in order to bestow the building with the decorous scars of time gone-by, the building’s envelope is comprised of corten steel, a material that oxidizes overtime, changing its color from ranges of orange and amber to dark brown. With the use of this material, the project intends to respond to the aging and changing qualities of the existing stone buildings while strongly stating the new Centre for the Arts contemporary reality. Additionally, traces of previous exhibits can be gleaned from a palimpsest, potentially an engraved wall of the building, which further enhances the historical, documentary, and aesthetic nature of the Centre.


Agustin Bonta

Luis Collado

Jose Luis de la Fuente

Brian Koehler

Yasuhiro Murai