Hengqin Insurance Financial Tower

Shizimen Financial District


Shizimen Financial District

project completion



71,000 SM


Mixed-Use Highrise

Hengqin Insurance Financial Tower

The location of the Hengqin Insurance Financial Tower amidst a variety of building developments in the Shizimen financial district, represents a challenge and an opportunity. The key challenge revolves around the difficulty of creating a building with sufficient formal presence to become a distinguishable tower within Shizimen Island in such manner that the design will be both efficient and inspirational. In other locations a 250 m tall tower might easily generate an identifiable presence and positively contribute to the definition of the skyline. In our case this is significantly more challenging. Surrounded by notable buildings in close proximity, some of which are considerably taller, the design of the Hengqin Insurance Financial Tower must adapt to the reality of the visually competitive surrounding and provide a recognizable design that is engaging, elegant and cost effective.   The inspiration for our design’s distinct shape originated from the tower’s location opposite the Northeast corner of the Park. As a solution, the proposed tower is firmly settled in the Southwest corner of our site, but the building’s footprint does not fully occupy the corner. This is achieved by shifting the tower’s plan geometry from a square into a diamond-like rhombus. This formal maneuver allows the building’s base to offer a pedestrian friendly entry into the commercial spaces located within the podium while offering a dramatic, captivating presence towards the Park and northbound along Shizimen Road.


Toni Canellas

Luis Collado

Jose Luis de la Fuente

Chen Ding

Ignacio Espigares

Brian Koehler

Javier Martinez

Jongpil Park

Ana Sanchez Iza

WenJie Zheng