Kennedy Center Israel Lounge

Washington DC


Washington DC

project completion



1180 SF



Israel’s unique natural and cultural setting has been our muse. In it’s land we find serenity, under it’s majestic skies we seek inspiration and shelter. In our proposal, Land and Sky take their rightful place in the Israeli Lounge’s new geometric arrangement. The design provides an unique backdrop which will enable the renovated space to extend its hospitality to visitors and patrons of the Kennedy Center while improving the required programmatic flexibility. The lower half of the room represents Land, the place where human activity unfolds. Where we socialize, converse, eat and drink. This part of the room is textured, familiar to sight and tact. Walls and floor are clad in Jerusalem limestone which will bring back memories for some or incite travel dreams to others. A tangible connection to the heart of Israel’s culture and history. The upper half of the room represents the Sky, symbol of dreams and humanity’s yearning for eternity, meaning and connection. This part of the room is boundless, an unending sky that offers shelter and hospitality to citizens and visitors alike. It is clad in mirrored stainless steel panels with polished welds, ensuring a continuous and flawless visual experience. An inspirational link to Israel’s sublime sky.


Luis Collado

Jose Luis de la Fuente

Ignacio Espigares

Shoko Nakamura

Raquel Solano