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Lima, Peru

project completion



85,000 sf



project budget


We have designed a project that is in continuous dialogue with the existing Art Museum. Our project offers a reflection of the historic Art Museum of Lima into a public space that celebrates Art, and restores the physical connectivity lost in the past between the Parque Juana Larco de Dammert and the Parque de la Exposicion. We have designed an addition to the Art Museum that is covered by a shallow body of water that provides multiple readings of the old building, enabling reflections of a proud past that once again will shine in the city. On the North, the reflecting pool offers expansive views of the park, while on the South, a public stepped plaza provides a monumental entry to the new museum, and convenient access to the existing museum entry which is also located on the South, facing Parque de la Exposición. The reflecting pool is surrounded by light wells that bring light into the programs below grade. Parque de la Exposición is connected to Parque Juana Larco de Dammert through a promenade that lies between the reflecting pool and the existing Art Museum. This promenade also gives access to the subway system and to the below grade pedestrian tunnel.

partners in charge

Luis Collado

Jose Luis de la Fuente

technical director

Tracy Salvia

director designer

Jose Luis Perez-Griffo


Sara Contreras

Pablo Alvarez Diaz

Ignacio Espigares