The Frame



Chicago, IL

project completion




1061 West Van Buren is located within the vibrant, growing community of the West Loop of Chicago. The architecture of the area has been largely defined by the conversion of older light industrial buildings and daylight factories into residential buildings. The distinct character of the resulting structures has defined a recognizable typology which has been replicated with great success in new building developments throughout the neighborhood. The site is uniquely placed at the edge of the West Loop, lodged between an energetic and lively neighborhood north of the site and a functional infrastructural boundary created by the Eisenhower Expressway. Due to its unique location at the end of Aberdeen Street, the project will be a new visual reference for the entire neighborhood. The unique location at the end of Aberdeen Street was the inspiration for the design of a dramatic, three story tall space that gives the project its name and distinct identity “The Frame”. The Frame, the heart of the building, contains the indoor and outdoor amenities for future residents. The Frame will be clearly identifiable from the West Loop on the North and from the UIC campus on the South. Using specialty accent cladding, the Frame has a resolute public dimension that brings a vibrant and colorful expression to the neighborhood and to the street.


Marcos Alvarez

Marta Bueno

Luis Collado

Jose Luis de la Fuente

Ignacio Espigares

Beatriz Gonzalez

Andrea Kamilaris

Brian Koehler

Javier Martinez

Silvia Muñoz

Tracy Salvia