Private Commission


Looking to create a singular and refined focus, the design expression centers around the amenity space both programmatically and through its formal gestures. Clad in reflective, brightly colored metal, the void serving as the social portion of the amenity space stands in contrast to the matte dark metal prevalent elsewhere. This in addition to its positioning and proportion establishes a relationship with three groups, the users of the building, the neighbors, and those commuting into Chicago from the highway.

The building is layout in a structural grid that is efficient for all four programmatic uses, retail/lobby, parking, amenities, and residential. Additionally, the building uses a system of modules in the façade to create flexibility in unit typology and variation in its appearance. This breaks away from the highly repetitive nature of Chicago’s taller buildings while working within a similar language.

Project Team

  • Tracy Salvia
  • Luis Collado
  • Beatriz Gonzalez