Autonomous Colony

Ephemeral · Fuerteventura, ES


Private Commission

11,000 SF


This design for an ephemeral TV production Set aimed to be a sustainable and eco-friendly production, as well as to look like a movie and feel like it belonged in the near future. Taking inspiration from top space research, historical extreme shelters and movie references, the proposal resolves both the lodging program and the self sustained ecosystem “garden” with two very distinct solutions. The first, is based on Water Lillies and “LAVVUs” (which are a temporary dwelling used by the Sami people of Northern Europe featuring a design similar to a Native American teepee but less vertical and more stable in high winds). The second, a garden self-sustaing by a Greenhouse, air-inflated textile structure, will hold all plantings and all collected water for the self sustaining mechanic of the complex.

Project Team

  • Luis Collado
  • Jose Luis de la Fuente
  • Ignacio Espigares
  • Brian Koehler
  • Brian Rains
  • Gonzalo Rojas
  • Ana Sánchez Iza