The key challenge revolves around the difficulty of creating a building with sufficient formal presence to become a distinguishable tower within Shizimen Island in such manner that the design will be both efficient and inspirational. In other locations a 250 m tall tower might easily generate an identifiable presence and  positively contribute to the definition of the skyline. In this case this is significantly more challenging. Surrounded by notable buildings in close proximity. The inspiration for our design’s distinct shape originated from the tower’s location opposite the NorthEast corner of the Park. As a solution, our tower is firmly settled in the SouthWest corner of our site, but the building’s footprint does not fully occupy the corner.

Our project’s volumetric approach is the result of carefully planned maneuvers which are aimed at producing a tower that will be both, highly efficient and very expressive. We have achieved the desired expression at the tower through angular shifts, vertical division and small volumetric displacements.

By shifting the tower’s plan geometry from a square into a diamond-like rhombus the building’s base becomes a pedestrian friendly space and offers a dramatic, captivating presence towards the Park and northbound along Shizimen Road.