Cultural · Undisclosed


Private Commission

11,000 SF


The project concept is layered into three distinct areas. First, the pre-existing building elements are subtly treated for the incorporation of the Art Gallery. Secondly, there are two realms to be designed and incorporated – the open public space to the front of the building and the private staff areas at the rear of the property which serve as a support spine. Last, two functional and highly flexible boxes of diverse art exhibition areas consist of the main gallery spaces within the project.

The boxes not only relate to the public space, they also connect in various ways to the private spine in the back, making them very flexible spaces. They are supported by all the storage, archive, and pre-exhibit working spaces. Because they act as the nexus between the private and public areas of the building, a general order of circulations and general security is obtained throughout the whole project.

The “Exhibition Boxes” have a louvered perimeter where a mirror system allows light to come
within the exhibition space and offers visual connections between inside and outside.

This scheme not only distinguishes the exhibition spaces from the rest but it permits showcasing them so that they are perceived through the numerous large façade openings. Therefore the public area is a luminous space accessible from the street, but it is also a void that makes the interior exhibition ‘boxes’ visible from the outside of the building.

This perimeter is a functional skin that supports the exhibition area. Thus, this equipped wall has
wardrobes, mechanical installations, and room for storing removable partitions.

Project Team

  • Toni Cañellas
  • Luis Collado
  • Jose Luis de la Fuente
  • Ignacio Espigares
  • Gonzalo Rojas