77,000 SF


The Pershing Park Memorial pays tribute to the American Family by integrating their portraits throughout the park, inviting visitors to recognize their stories. These portraits tell the stories of both those who served in the war and their brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, mothers, and fathers.

Inside the Park, large format photographs are placed within framed cases that are grouped around 4 proposed themes, each evoking essential aspects of our American identity: Family, Friendship, Partnership and National Pride. By seamlessly blending framed memories into the landscape, our proposal provides an experience that is both park and memorial open and visible to the public.

The park is organized by a northwest-southeast axis which visually connects Pershing Park with the Capitol and which also traces the most often walked footsteps by Washington DC visitors. Cueing the visitor, six large scale bronze statues are strategically placed around the park, observing the framed images, and inviting the passerby to enter the park to experience the memorial.