Annapurna Studios



Hyderabad, India

project completion

Design | 2012



Annapurna Studios

Large scale mixed use project in Hyderabad, India for a famous and well respected movie studio and production company. The company, Annapurna Studios, aimed to expand their current campus spaces in order to include within two large new developments: an office administration building and a retail and family entertainment center. The development was designed to be built in two different phases. The first phase was conceived to be the design and construction of the retail and family entertainment space. The client had acquired commitments from a key market player, Marvel Enterprises, and obtained the necessary commercial permissions in order to create a family theme park. The Marvel Entertainment World Theme Park would be a family destination with numerous attractions. In addition to the Theme Park, the development featured a series of different retail offerings as well as a high end, heightened movie experience theaters. The design took different aspects of the Annapurna identity into consideration and turned the south-facing facade into a multifaceted, iconic structure that, through the use of a cleverly designed brise-soleil pattern, would provide the interior of the retail space with an energy efficient and unique formal identity. The office building, which was located at the top of the hill overlooking the retail and family entertainment center was designed to be second phase of the project. The highlight of the elegant curtain wall design is the sun protecting mechanisms formally inspired by the culture and legacy of this specific region in India.


Marta Bueno

Ruben Cabanillas

Edwin Chung

Luis Collado

Jose Luis de la Fuente

Jose Luis Perez-Griffo

Eduardo Ponce

Tracy Salvia