Discovery Partners Institute

Educational · Chicago, IL, US



500,000 SF


The project celebrates the gateway connecting Crescent Park with Wells Street with a large corner opening which visually and physically extends the activity generated within the park into the building. The multi-floor atrium space acts as a public square for students to collaborate in an informal manner while cultivating a truly one-of-a-kind campus environment in the heart of Chicago. This social gathering space also gives students access to connected support amenities and unique rooftop spaces (both indoor and outdoor) above Wells Street, providing spectacular views of the City.

Connection with the park
The project holds a key location adjacent to the new Crescent Park and will be seen from across the 78 neighborhood as visitors enjoy the amenities provided by this active and verdant social environment. A connection to Crescent Park can be established in a variety of ways ranging from visual connections to more direct physical approaches.

Connection with the river
With the historic Chicago River nearby, the institute is able to take advantage of its privileged location to allow for visual connectivity. Despite not being located alongside it, the institute will be highly visible above the riverfront row of buildings. The upper levels of the institute have the opportunity of having views to one Chicago’s defining features.

Connection with wells street
The lower levels of the institute will contribute to and enhance the vibrant, commercial atmosphere and physical urban wall along Wells Street. A viable connection with the planned commercial activity of Wells Street is imperative in order to ensure pedestrian traffic flows between the street, the institute, and the park.

Discovery Partners Institute’s state-of-the-art facility at The 78 will attract 2,000 national
and international student scholars annually, who will work with top minds in academia and
business leaders across industries on cutting-edge research and development, inspiring new
technologies and businesses. The site for the new DPI is located between outdoor amenities in
Crescent Park and the vibrancy of Wells Street, mere steps from the Chicago river. The site’s
unique location is the source of inspiration for the building’s distinct design.

Project Team

  • Toni Cañellas
  • Luis Collado
  • Jose Luis de la Fuente
  • Ignacio Espigares
  • Beatriz Gonzalez
  • Brian Koehler
  • Gonzalo Rojas